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For Realtors®: From Listing to Closing

Our firm has always taken pride in being a resource to Realtors®. Whether or not we are a part of your transaction, we remain available to answer questions you may have.  Our attorneys make frequent presentations at Realtor® offices and events on the manner in which you may assure your accepted offer proceeds to closing.  Realtors® who consider the issues presented below with their sellers at the original listing conference can assure a successful closing.

1. Who is the titled owner?

    -If an estate: Has an executor or administrator been appointed?

    -If a guardianship: The contract is subject to court approval

    -If a divorce: Are both parties in agreement? What does the agreement say? Who are the matrimonial attorneys?

2. Is there a buried oil tank? Consider having the Seller abandon it now

3. Does Seller have a certificate of occupancy for all improvements?

4. Has Seller compiled all of the documents available from the time of purchase? Deed, title policy, survey, c/o's

5. Have the premises been treated for termites? Is there a guarantee?


6. Consider a seller's home inspection

7. Where is the Seller going? Is timing critical to this transaction?

8. What debts will the Seller have to satisfy at closing?

9. Whose fence is that? Obtain an invoice if possible

10. Has a tax grievance been filed?

11. Are there solar panels?

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